Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Off Work Today!

I am off today helping my sister. Trying to make a little extra cash for savings. The husband and I are on a saving kick right now.
Food and exercise are going great! I'm still sore from Monday's arm work.
Last night I did a 3 mile run,some ab exercises and push ups!
Today will be a 4 mile run with a few ab exercises thrown in, and at least three sets of 15 push ups.
Food? Not sure...Today will be a wing it kind of day. I already started the morning with my oatmeal and water. I'll be back tomorrow with more to say!

I had the husband take a photo of me last night in my sports bra and capri running pants. If I'm brave enough I'll post it. I wasn't just thrilled with the results. Oh well, maybe if I post it, it will keep me motivated for the Operation Bikini Challenge!

Have a great HUMP day!