Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm currently eating my oats....they seem so boring latley. I normally put in fruit with it, just to jazz it up a little. Today I didn't have any fruit so I 'm eating it plain jane. YUCK! I need some new good breakfast ideas. I eat my breakfast at work because I don't want to take the time to do it before I leave the house. Plus I leave at the crack of dawn literally, so the more I can sleep the better. I would love to do eggs, but something about eggs in a microwave TOTALLY grosses me out. I dont' mind boiled eggs, but cold ones for breakfast seem a little nasty.

Anyone have any ideas for breakfast? Even maybe something I can add to my oats for a change?

Biggest Loser-
Hello, what did they do this week? They lost WAY too much weight. How did they do that?
I'm pulling for Kelly! I like Ali and she looks fantastic, but I really want Kelly to win. I think I want Mark to continue on, because I want a women to win it all and if Roger stays, I think he could win.

Last night I did a power walk with my friend Julie. We are still a little sore from Sunday. It actually helped work out the soreness so that was good.

Off to finish my oatmeal....


Lucas said...

I eat breakfast at my desk everyday and here's what I enjoy:
1 slice of wheat toast with 2 tbps all natural pbutter
2 Kashi waffles, one with pbutter, one plain
yogert, cottage cheese and fruit all mixed together with 1/4 cup Kashi cereal on top
Kashi oatmeal with banana or blueberries on top
(No, I don't work for Kashi, I just really like their stuff)
All of those breakfasts are really easy to prepare ahead of time and throw in a lunch box. Occasionally I'll scramble an egg and roll it up in a whole wheat tortilla with a wedge of laughing cow cheese spread on it but that works best if I cook it before leaving the house so that I just have to warm it slightly in the microwave before eating it. I encourage you to get out of your oatmeal rut. Your body gets used to having the same thing everymorning and your metablolism slows down. Mix it up by having protein one morning, dairy the next and carbs the next or something. Best of luck to you!

Sagan Morrow said...

Oatmeal with cinnamon is great (and adding a bit of organic cane sugar tastes yummy too). If you normally have it with water, what about trying milk instead?
Other things I like for breakfast is homemade bread with almond butter, plain yogurt with frozen berries and wheat germ, and poached eggs. But those aren't really easy things to eat at your desk... what about taking leftovers from dinner the night before for breakfast?

Jen said...

I like the "breafast burrito" idea, then yeah, just quickly warm it up (eggs in the microwave don't do it for me either!)

I definitely agree with switching things up a little though too!!!

That was CRAZY on the biggest loser last night!! I just can't beleive the numbers they were pulling!! Ali is SOOOO friggin tiny now! I definitely would like a woman to win...and the way numbers are going it looks like Ali could be the one (unless Kelly lost a bunch after going home!)
I would like to see Mark in the finals because...I don't know, they all just seem more IN IT than Roger...did you notice he was the ONLY one to take a bite of the "old food"??? It's really easy when you are there and your food is controlled...what happens when he goes back to his southern roots??? I would love to see Ali or Mark win because they did a LOT on their own (well especially Ali) and they have worked SOOOOO hard!

Amuldoon said...

Heya.. I would love to say I had a fantastic nights sleep. Unfortuantely, I made stew in my slow cooker over night and my friggin cats were loving the smell... I think they were trying to wake me up to give them some. Usually neither of them sleep in the bedroom but last night they were ALL OVER me! haha

You know whats odd? I find power walking harder on my body then running! I went for a walk with my cousin over Easter, and I got shin splints! haha

Running Knitter said...

I like the kashi cereal with fruit idea, and I'm a big fan of whole wheat toast or a whole wheat english muffin.

Linds said...

Thanks for the comment! It feels great to be back!

As for the breakfast idea, I like those packages of canation instant breakfast... i blend it sometimes with a banana or some frozen fruit, and it's good to drink in the car or on your way to work. I'm with you on getting every last second of sleep! Lol story of my life!

Oh and congrats on the marathon!

katieo said...

I love the Kashi "vanilla cream" oatmeal. Sometimes I'll throw in a banana and some ground flax, but it's pretty yummy on it's own (especially when you need a change!)

ashley said...

Hi! I eat oatmeal EVERY morning. I always have mine at home, but I can try to help!

-Make a big batch of steel cut oats with bananas. Portion into bowls you can take to reheat for work. I always do this to save time (and prep for the week takes no time at all). At work, I'd add a bit of vanilla yogurt and wheat germ on your hot oatmeal. Mmm!

-Oatmeal cookies! Mix oatmeal, mashed banana, cinnamon, sugar (yes!), maybe cocoa, and an egg white together. Bake. These are good for breakfast or snack!

Sorry I am so partial to oatmeal...

Jim Purdy said...

You asked:
"Anyone have any ideas for breakfast? Even maybe something I can add to my oats for a change?"

Sometimes I have a breakfast of poached eggs and plain oatmeal, with a glass of tea. I don't put salt or anything else on the eggs, and I don't put milk or sugar or butter on the oatmeal. I do use artificial sweetener on the oatmeal and in the tea. By the way, I try to avoid tea (or other drinks) that are either hot or cold. I just ask for tea without ice. I've read medical studies that seem to indicate that cold drinks (and maybe hot drinks) can stimulate your digestive system and make you eat more. It's the same with strong flavors, which is why I try to keep my eggs and oatmeal fairly bland. Good luck!

donna said...