Monday, April 7, 2008

Hogeye 1/2 Marathon=Complete!

Yesterday was just awesome!

I woke up yesterday morning about 5:30 with some pain in my foot. I was so upset. I was so afraid it was going cause me fits during the race. So, I ate a good breakfast thanks to Dawn and Jeremy and then took 3 asprin.
By the start of the race, I was pain free and feeling fabulous!

This would be us pre race! Julie ( a friend that trained with me), Me, and Dawn (PNP friend)

Another before race photo! This is us waiting for the race to begin.

Here we are along the race. Dawn, Me, Julie (We seem to all be smiling at this point)!

I had to post this picture of Dawn! Woohoo! Mom of 2 on her first 1/2 Marathon!

This picture is funny! We had a running Elvis along the race. He was ahead of us most of the time, not by far, but my husband (Daniel) along with the two other husbands followed us around the entire route taking photos. So we see Elvis on our hardest part of the run! Straight up hill for probably close to a mile. The husband challenged me to run ahead and have my photo taken with Elvis. I busted my rump and did it. Here he is giving the peace sign.
Funny side note...the man in the red. He bascially ran the race right along with us too! He stopped to tinkle every 8 minutes. It was sort of weird! Oh well!
By the way, we beat Elvis!

Here we are finishing the race! We sprinted the last .1 mile or so. We were trying to finish right at 2 hours 30 minutes. I think the final time was 2:30:40.

Dawn and I at the finish!

Here we are kissing our medals.
Special Thanks goes out to my husband Daniel for following me around and documenting the run. This is he and I at the Relay Race we did in March. Stupid me didn't get one with him at the race yesterday! Also special thanks to Dawn's husband Jeremy! He drove the guys around all over Fayetteville to snap photos along the route.

1/2 Marathon #2=Complete! 19 days and counting till the next one.
I'm heading to Nashville, TN for the Country Music 1/2 Marthon at the end of the month!
The end!


Amuldoon said...

Yay! I love race reports!

Way to go Jess... you are a running goddess! (with amazing leg I might add!)

I was thinking about you yesterday during my LSD... way to friggin go!

Erin said...

Wow that is amazing!


Jen said...

Aw, how cute are you??? I love all the pics (and I agree with Amy, you have FANTASTIC legs!)

It sounds like you did awesome!!! You must be VERY proud!!!

Lucas said...

As someone who is still working on getting my 5K's under 30 minutes, I'm very impressed with your half marathon Jess! Very impressed and inspired. Way to go!

Christina said...

woo hooo!
Congrats on finishing, you are amazing. Great pics, I love the full recap. You are doing so great

IrishTrish said...

WOOT! Congrats girl - great race and great photos!!!