Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday the husband and I started planting some patunias! We didn't get very far, but we plan on continuing tonight. We did work in the flower bed over the weekend. We put out new mulch and did some trimming on a few things. The added putunias will look great. Of course we only bought red and white ones. That would be the husbands idea. His favorite team is red and white!
Things are still going well for me. Not only food, but exercise. I started a new exercise routine called Fast and Furious. It is a routine with some good ST and also HIIT mixed in. It is suppose to burn the fat off. BRING IT ON!

I did two workouts last night just because I missed my Monday workout. They are basically ST routines that last about 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes of an HIIT routine. (High Intensity Training) I am just continuing with my running for now. Once next weekend is over I'll start doing some of the HIIT. Talk about fat burner. It is intense speed stuff. I'm looking forward to it.

I've also really tried hard to focus on food. Last night I really wanted something different for my nightly snack. I put down a protein shake, but opted for some FF yogurt, flax seed, and some banana protein powder. It was decent, so I'll take that.

Here is my food plan for today:
B: FF Yogurt, Raspberries, Ground Flax Seed
S:Protein Bar (Homemade version that I posted yesterday)
L:2 slices sugar free bread, 3 oz of low fat ham, spinach, raw carrots and apple
S: 1/2 pita, hummus, sunflower seeds
D: 1 cup ww noodles, chicken breast, low fat marinara sauce, small side salad
S:Protein shake


Our plan is a longer run of 6-8 miles. Depends on how we are feeling.


Erin said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your finished garden. And it sounds like you've got a good plan going for working out and eating! Keep up the great work!

Jen said...

VERY envious of you planting already!!! I am so excited to finally SEE my garden again (I built it last year with blocks but never filled it) so I really just can't wait!!!!

Your exercise plan sounds AWESOME!!!

Amuldoon said...

Petunias are my FAVORITE!

Unfortunately, my flower beds are STILL under snow banks. GAH! Its gotta end soon!

Christina said...

I can't wait to buy a house so I can start planting flowers, my balcony is cementville. Great job on the workouts and eats

Jenn said...

Planting flowers sounds fun. Its a sign that spring is finally here!! I'm not sure that I'm going to plan any flowers yet. We haven't bought our house yet and I don't want to spend the money to do some nice landscaping until it is our house.