Friday, April 11, 2008

Going to be a long one....

Happy Friday! This post is gonna be a long one!

Agenda for the weekend:
  • Grocery shopping
  • Take my measurements, update pictures
  • Food Prep

Here is my grocery list for the week:
Fat FreeYogurt
Frozen Fruit
Egg Whites
Skim Milk
Cottage Cheese
Fat Free Cheese
Low Fat Ham
Raw Carrots
Chicken Breasts for prepping (will probably grill)
FF Cheese
Salad Mix for tons of salad
2 cans of Chick Peas (one for salad toppings one for hummus)
SBD Pizza
Canned Tuna
Sweet Potato
Green Beans

This should get me started. Starting Monday I'll post my food plan for the day. I'm making a point of doing this all week.

A few people have asked questions about my trainer. She is an online trainer. She is out of Nashville, TN. If you are a WW person, you can find her on the Fitness Getting Started Boards. She does a daily thread titled "Ask a Trainer". I followed her around and read her blog for a while. A friend of mine (Dawn) signed up last summer after her 2nd child was born. She began telling me all the great things that she was taking part in, so I signed up about a month after her. I've been with PNP since July! I was able to meet Corinne back in December when several of us ran the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon.

This is the Vegas group...We are all holding Corinne up. You'll see me the second from the right.

So, I'm busting out the tape measure, camera, and the pots and pans this weekend.

Exercise last night was good. I did a 4 mile run. It was so humid though...I was sweatttyyy, when I got home.

Happy weekend!


Erin said...

Sounds like you've got a good solid plan! And your grocery list looks yummy!

Jen said...

HOLY girl!!!! You are INSANELY organized!!!

I would love to see a trainer...I am just really picky about them...the girl at the gym that I go to is a flake...she attended one of my dance classes last year and found it hard, she said "what is this a workout?" and walked yeah, no thank you!!! I should shop around though!

Lucas said...

Ahhh humidity! When people up here complain about it I just laugh and laugh because they have no idea what they are talking about. It is so NOT humid up here! Anyway, kudos on the planning and the workouts. You are kicking butt, girl!

Jen said...

Hey Jess,

You can email me at (it goes to my blackberry, so I will get it pretty quick)

And the OPI color is Lincoln Park After Dark (it's NEAR black but still kinda purpley) and they also have a Lincoln Park at Midnight (which is more purpley than black, just a little less dark!) Love them both!

Amuldoon said...

I had a wicked run last night too... it was pretty chilly here in Ottawa, and I made the mistake of leaving my jacket in the car. My arms were bright red by the end, but I still rocked it!

I feel so good to have my running mojo back! I went through this awful phase where I hated running... but thank god its passed!

Christina said...

great post! I signed up with Corrine two weeks is a great site, once my body is properly healed I can kick it into high gear. Can't wait to see your meal plans :)happy shopping

Ready Maid said...

Way to go on the 4-mile run!

Yep, we live in Hot Springs, and I'm 53, yesterday; but most girls your age just let me "adopt" them!You're welcome to visit any time!

Natalie said...

Thanks for posting your grocery list. It's always nice to get great tips and ideas from amazing wwers like yourself :)