Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday is here at last!

So I'm working on a project and I needed pictures of me. So this is one the husband took of me last night. I thought I would post it.

Last night I did a walk instead of a run. My legs are tight from the new ST routine and my long run on Wednesday. The walk was good. I just put on my IPOD and took off. I walked a little over 3 miles. Then I came home to do another Fast and Furious Strength Training routine.

Our PNP site is doing a book club. I've never been involved in one before, but I am excited. I love to read, but I don't always have the time for it.
The book selected was Saving Graces by Patricia Gaffney. I started it last night and so far I'm loving it. It is about a group of women called the Saving Graces. I'll let you know what I thought when I'm finished. We aren't reviewing it until May 19, so I have about a month to get it read.

Weekend Plans:
Another Food Prep weekend for me. Not sure our plans though. We thought about going to my nephews baseball game this evening. It may get rained out though. Saturday nothing really and Sunday will be food prep. It looks to be an easy weekend. Maybe I'll get some reading done.

I do have plans to exercise this weekend. Probably both Saturday and Sunday.

Food for Friday:
B:Omelet-2 egg whites, 1 egg, tom, light cheese, Orange
S:Protein Bar
L:Salad, grilled chicken, chick peas, light dressing
S:FF Yogurt, few raspberries
D:Chicken, green beans
S:SF pudding or 1 tsp of PB (not sure yet)

I'm loving this change of food a little. I tried the omelet in the bag trick. I've done it before, but I want to see how it would be if I did it the night before then heated it back up the next morning. Will see. It would be cool to prep those up for a few days at a time. I'll keep you posted on that. Earlier this week when I did eggs, I just made them up the night before then put it in a ziplock container. I'm hoping these bags might even be easier.

I have a busy day today. We have a big event at work next weekend and I'm trying to get it all prepared.

Happy Weekend Blog Friends!


Jenn said...

What a cute pic!!
Have a great weekend!

Cara said...

How does this egg in a bag thing work?

Have a great weekend btw!

Jen said...

Cute picture I love it!!!

I am curious about the egg in a bag thing too!!!

I love how your new plan is working! Keep it up girl, you are doing awesome!

Dawn said...

Jess, I love your new pink shirt. Looks great! You are ready for CMM!! WOOT WOOT!! We are going to have a blast. I haven't been on a "girls road trip" since my single days.

*ccc* said...

Wait...your "journey" to being one hot mom?

You've already got the hot part nailed down! You look great!!!

Erin said...

i have to agree with ccc you are one hot momma! Have a great weekend

Lucas said...

Ditto on the hot factor! You are beautiful!