Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bizzay out the Hizzay....

I stole that from Mandy! I am seriously so busy that I hate to think of what I might forget.

Here are my activities from now until Tuesday! Remember if you are a daily visitor to my blog, I'll be MIA for several days. What stinks is I won't get to do my race report until Wednesday! You can check out Dawn's blog though, she'll probably get one up before I will.


  • Work

  • Visit a job site for a future party site

  • WW Meeting at 11:30

  • Finalize my conference I am attending

  • Pick up WW materials for a new meeting I am leading

  • Pick up DH from work and head to next WW meeting

  • Sub at WW meeting

  • Run home, change clothes, Drive to Target

  • Pack for Nashville


  • Drive to Nashville, TN (About a 6 hour drive)

  • Go to bed early


  • Race! 13.1 miles!

  • Party with Friends


  • Get up bright and early to head home

  • Drive to work conference

  • Set up Fish Fry

  • Attend Fish Fry


  • Attend Conference all day long!


  • Conference until around 11, then I'm driving back to work a new WW meeting

  • Another WW meeting that night at 6

As you can tell my life is crazy busy! I am going to be exhausted from my race and then thrown on top of all of that, this work Fish Fry and Conference! Sheesh, I'm exhausted thinking about it.
Like I said, I'll post race stuff as soon as I can!

Wish me luck! I'm shooting to finish in 2:15. I would love 2:05, but I'll take anything I can get! I just want to try and beat my best time thus far (2:20:00).

Off to start my busy bee tasks!


Christina said...

wow you are super busy, I wish you all the luck on race day, kick some butt girl :)

~Les said...

YIKES!!! Well, it'll fly by, so just enjoy it, sister! The very best of luck on your race. I'll be rooting for all of you PNPers!


Jen said...

HOLY girl!!!! you ARE one busy little bee!!!

Good luck with all the preparations and your meeting tonight! And if you aren't on again before your race, good luck with that as well!!!

Dawn said...

The next few days is going to be whirl wind. It will be fun though. I can't wait. See you tonight. I will post about the race on Monday so everyone can hear about it.

Jenn said...

Wow, I thought I was busy until I read that.
Good luck on your race!!!
Have fun in TN!!!

Lucas said...

Best of luck to you Jess! I find your race inspiring and I will be proud of you no matter what.

Sara said...

wow, I'm tired just reading it!!

Have tons and tons of fun at the race - rock it out!

*ccc* said...

I am exhausted just reading this! Good luck with all the things you've got coming up :)

Running Knitter said...

Good luck with the race!

Cara said...

Good luck on the race!!!

Southbay Girl said...

Jess, Maryland Girl, valley girl and myself are all in nashville-travelling long distances to run the half! Good luck!!

Natalie said...

You're busy and still blogging. You're my hero! Usually the first thing that falls off my plate is my blog when things are nuts. Way to keep everything together!