Thursday, April 17, 2008

8 mile run complete....

I did an 8 mile run last night! It was so hot and humid. I think the temp was right around 74 degrees when we started. The sun was out and shining, it was miserable. I drank so much water on that run. I swear we had to make a stop at a local university to fill up our water bottles. I again fueled with the Hammer Gel products. I used Vanilla and it really does taste like icing on a donut. It was recommended by Corinne !

Food is still rockin! I weighed myself this morning and I am glad to say it is moving downward. I am daily weigher! I know, I shouldn't be, but I am. You can't fault me. It helps me stay in check. So I've weighed everyday this week and FINALLY I saw a number going down. I had maintained for several days, but this morning, it was DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

Yesterday I did have to make few changes in food. I opted for a Pre workout snack. I selected oatmeal. I was feeling a little light headed and I didn't like that feeling. I figured with an 8 mile run approaching I need to fuel up before I went. I was so glad I did, otherwise I think I would've had to quit by mile 3 or 4. I then came home for my dinner of chicken breast, marinara sauce and ww noodles. I also had a small side salad. It was so good.

Tonight I think I'm running again. My schedule has been off a little this week, so I may run back again. However my legs are a little sore this morning. Not only did I do the 8 mile run, but remember on Tuesday I did some of my new Fast and Furious workout that included least favorite by the way. That on top of 8 miles did me in. I may opt for a nice walk tonight. Will see as the day progresses.

I finished planting my patunias last night. They look okay. The husband thinks it looked half ass. I appreciated that after I planted them after my long run!
He is such a sweetie sometimes! Ha!
I have to somewhat agree, they didn't look great, so I hope they purk up some now that they are planted.

Food for today:
B:Oatmeal, ground flax seed, Banana
S:Protein Bar
L:2 slices sf bread, lf ham, tomato, carrots, apple
S:1/2 pita, hummus
D:Salmon, veggie
S:protein powder/ff yogurt

3 mile run or walk, depending on how my legs feel.


Jenn said...

Wow, good job on the long run.
Yay for downward scale movement!!! :)

I bet your flowers perk up after a few days in the ground, but I honestly have no idea, I kill all plants I try to have.

Jen said...

WOOHOO Girl that is awesome!!!

I used to weigh daily, I completely understand the perks of it!!!

Good call on the pre-workout snack as well!! Some days I skip it and I just fall flat! And 8 miles...yeah, I would DEFINITELY need something!!!

Cara said...

Wow that is impressive! Good job!

Christina said...

great run 8 miles, super. I'll have to try those gels when I start running again :)

Sara said...

that is awesome with your long run!!!

Oh for an 8 mile you definitely need a preworkout snack and you picked the best one too!!

Randi said...

Wow nice run! And I'm so jealous of flowers already, we've got snow forcast for the weekend. :(

Thanks for the tip on the blisters. I'll give it a try (I'll feel crazy, but I'll try it!)

Sagan Morrow said...

Great job on the run! That's gotta feel great.

mamachristina said...

wow, good run. You are so organized with your eating plan and your exercise. I will try to follow suit.