Friday, March 14, 2008

Woohoo for Friday's!

I am so glad Friday is here! I am one exhausted chick. My husband was out of town last night for business and so that left me all alone at the house. I am okay with staying by myself, but I NEVER sleep good.
We also had storms roll into my area twice in the night, so that of course woke me up too.

I finished my 12 miles last night. We started about 5:20 and we walked for about a half a mile before we got started. The temps here were about 70 degrees. I haven't run in 70 degree temps in a while. I think it messed with me a little. I was wiped out by the time we finished. I got home about 7:45. Of course we also walked about a mile after we finished.

That was the longest part of my training so I'm on the downhill side now. I have two more long runs before my first race on April 6.

My weekend plans: My mom is hosting a Tea Party for her Sunday School Class, so she asked if I would help her out. Tonight I'm going over to help set it up and decorate sugar cookies. I'll have to be really careful and not tempt myself with any Bites, Licks, or Tastes. Then tomorrow I am helping her serve the tea. After that my weekend is free.
Every week as a part of my training/healthy eating I do what is called a Metabolic Boost (MB) or a Splurge/Cheat Meal. Everyone calls it something different. So I normally save mine for the weekends so Dh and I can enjoy a dinner out together. I'm thinking Pizza or maybe a good Hamburger with some FF. Will see come Saturday what I'm craving. Let me remind you though I eat according to plan all week long so I can enjoy this special meal. I look forward to them every week. It keeps me sane!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Amuldoon said...

I can't believe you ran all that way on a WEEKNIGHT! Way to go!

Jen said...

I have heard about the "metabolism boost" meal (or similar before) and then again on a "trainer tip" during the Biggest Loser the other night...

That totally makes sense and I find a big difference on weeks where I have one BIG splurge as opposed to weeks where I have a bunch of mini splurges!

katieo said...

12 miles!
I can't wait til I can run that long, LOL!