Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tired Tuesday!

Last night BUNCO was so much fun. I loved it. The lady hosting made Chicken Spaghetti, homemade bread, salad, and a pistachio pound cake. It was all excellent. The ladies were so sweet and I had a blast. I hope they ask me back again. I would LOVE to get in a regular group. I did indulge, but I also didn't over do it. I had a small serving of everything and felt very satisfied. She also didn't have bowls of stuff laying around, so I never felt the need to munch!

Tuesday's are always crazy busy for me. I work all day, then I work a weight watcher meeting. Not sure I ever told anyone, but I work for Weight Watchers. I am a trained leader, receptionist and weigher. I currently don't have my own meeting, right now I just weigh. I currently just have one meeting, at one time I had three.
Then after that I always workout, then I head home for the last part of the Biggest Looser.

I also had a job interview yesterday. I am sort of having second thoughts on it. Is that normal? I had my phone interview yesterday. It only lasted about 20 minutes. She asked me normal situational type questions and then a little about my current position. I didn't think it went all that well, but yesterday afternoon they called to schedule a one on one with me. DH and I talked about it last night and now I have a few reservations about it. Making a job change is huge. Yes, I have things about my current job I dislike, but I've been here almost 3 years. I am finally getting a 401K going, I am also saving part of my income, not too mention I provide dental insurance for both myself and DH. The interview is scheduled for tomorrow. I am going to go regardless. Worst case is I get a little practice on my interview skills!

I thought I might start posting my food and exercise logs. May not post them everyday, but I thought I would let you see what kind of exercises I do and what kind of food I eat.

Exercise: Short run of 3-4 miles, 100 push ups, 2 hardcore ab exercises
This is my food plan for today! Might change, but for the most part this should be it.

B: Steel Cut Oats, Blackberries, Coffee
S1:Cottage Cheese
L: Vegeterian Chili, side of Cheese, pear
S2: Yogurt and Protein Powder
D: Spinach Salad, light sprinkle of 2% cheese, chicken, light dressing
S3: SF Pudding


Christina said...

Your evening sounded fun and looks like you enjoyed yourself which is the most important :)
way to go on your exercise and eating plan, if only I could do as well.

Jen said...

I agree, it sounds like you had a great evening!!! I hope you get to have them more often!!!

I am a firm believer in listening to your intuition and something feels off about this job then it sounds like you might be doing the right thing!!!

For some reason I love reading what other people are eating...it usually gives me great ideas!!!

Oh and quickly, perogies are these little potato filled dough pockets (usually they have cheese or bacon in it as well, and it's a potatoey texture inside) - they are ukranian and yummy! I get them in the freezer at the grocery store!

Amuldoon said...

Can I ask a question? What is Bunco?