Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Let the fun begin.....
Yesterday in Arkansas it was 75 degrees and sunny! It was awesome!

Yesterday DH got the Jeep out and washed it up and took it apart. I know Spring is here when he starts getting prepared for the summer. Normally we take off the jeep top in the Spring and then leave it off until fall. He will even get wild and crazy and take the doors off. Hopefully I still have a few months though. I like the jeep with the doors, he likes it without.

I am also adding a picture of Brandon, me and the husband. He is our traveling Hog buddy. He goes to all of the Football games with us, and he learned yesterday about my new blog. I know the first question he'll ask is..."where is my picture", so in honor of Brandon. Here we are:

This is us at the LSU game. We won too by the way! GO HOGS!

Did I ever mention that DMAC (Darren McFadden) was my favorite hog player. He is doing very well right now in preparation for the NFL draft! Go Dmac! I say 'was' because he is off to play professionally.
I don't have a picture of me and Dmac, but here he is up on the big screen at Reynolds Razorback Stadium!

Now back to reality!

Food was good yesterday, I stuck to my plan and finished strong with a good 4 mile run. I also watched BL...was glad to see Dan finally go. He annoyed me!

Have a good day!


Jen said...

SO Happy with the outcome of the Biggest Loser!!! I love when he tried to make the girls feel bad when they KNEW he would have voted them off in a HEARTBEAT!!!

I love your jeep! It's so cute!!! I would be terrified to drive in one without doors though!!!

I am certainly jealous of your weather too!!! We still have tons of snow here and there is supposed to be a bit more the next couple of days!!! EEK!

Erin said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Its 42 degrees here, suppossed to snow or rain tomorrow the weatherpeople can't make up their minds. I'M soooo jealous. And btw I think blogging is as addictive as any other habit, so I probably won't be giving it up anytime soon.

I also am glad Dan is gone, and btw didn't he look like a girl last night. Maybe its the haircut, but I think he did.

Does anyone else watch Big Brother? Or is it only me...hey at least I did it from the treadmill.


Christina said...

I am so jealous that it is so warm for you and that you get to enjoy that amazing jeep. It actually started snowing today :( I love your pics and think you look really great, definetley one hot mom!