Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Interview Follow Up!

I thought the interview went okay. It started off good. I went in kissing some major behind and so that went well. Then the interview began with all the normal interview type questions, then the situational questions, etc. I did all that to the best of my ability. I though it went fantastic.

Then it came time for me to express any questions I might have. I asked about the hours. Because I carpool with my DH, I needed to verify that it woudn't be a problem continuing this on. The lady interviewing me acted like it would be a real big problem. I explained that obviously if the need arises and I need the car or need to work late, stay late, etc., that we can work out those details. She changed her tune a little after that, but her answer really through me off guard.

I also opted not to bring up the salary. I just hear too many bad things about doing that on the first one on one interview. I decided against asking.

She then told me that they plan on interviewing a few other candidates. That they wont' be making any decisions until around April 1. She told me that if they are interested they will then ask me back for second interview.

Like I said, I thought it went well until she asked about my hours. It was like she got all defensive.

Again, it may not be the right position for me. If it isn't, no harm done. At least I got some interview practice again.


Christina said...

I am sure you rocked the interview, i am keeping my fingers crossed for you

Jen said...

I bet you rocked the interview as well!!!!

That's weird that she got all defensive like that!

Katly said...

When one door closes another opens, what ever happens something good will come of it.