Monday, March 31, 2008

Final Day of March!

March is over, I just can't believe it.

6 Days until the Hogeye! This will be my second 1/2 marathon. I am ready though. I rocked my 6 miler this weekend. This week will be more of a taper/rest week in prep for the race this weekend. This will by far be the hardest race yet for me. The elevation on this race is insane! I mean up down, up down! It won't be easy, but will be so rewarding. I am doing it with my friend Dawn and Julie. We are all ready. We've spent the last 9 weeks busting tale. Here is the elevation of this race!
This is my running plan for the rest of the week: Long Run 4-6 miles, 3 miles, 3 miles
Exercise Plans for the week:
Monday:ST, Abs
Tuesday:Short run 4 miles, Abs
Wednesday: Short run 3 miles, Abs
Thursday: Short run 2-3 miles, abs
Sunday: 13.1 miles!

Food for today:
B:Oatmeal, banana, coffee
S:Apple/cheese stick
L:Black Bean Burger, tortilla, raw carrots
D:Salad, taco meat, light cheese, olives, light sour cream, black beans
S:Protein Shake

I've got to get going. Work is busy, busy, busy!


Jen said...

WOW! That is so exciting that it's here already!!

It looks pretty insane too!! Good thing you are resting beforehand!!!

That is seriously amazing though!

Can you believe March is over??? It went by SO fast!

Amuldoon said...

Oh my GOD!! That course looks brutal.... I live in Ottawa, the city of zero inclination. Granted, where I live in Gatineau its very hilly... so I do get my fair share of hills in.

PS- just outta curiousity, at one point do you start taking yours gels/newtons?

Christina said...

a half marathon with hills yooza you are rocking, I wish you luck and strength and of coarse endurance. Kick some butt :)

Jen said...

Hey it's me again! I just wanted to respond to your comment!

I do Stampin Up as well! Well, I started last year and I don't really enjoy the "selling" aspect of it...I much rather just having people over and doing our own thing!

Also, my husband goes by Dan now...unfortunately, I can't bring myself to call him his family and ANYONE that he has met through me still refers to him as "Danny" (also, funny note, I was thinking of boys names that I like and wanted a "D" middle name...I was going to bite the bullet and use Danny's dad's name - Douglas - even though I wasn't a huge fan...when my mom suggested Daniel I was like "why didn't I think of that?" I have only called him Daniel once, and that was on our wedding day!!!)

Erin said...

You have great goals, I can't wait to read on your progress!

P.S. Cammy over at is having a question/answer session open to anyone. Head on over to her blog and ask a question. Then I will have a q/a and I will pass it along!