Friday, March 28, 2008

Diet Coke Cake=Yum!

My first WW Meeting-
I thought it went great. I went in prepared to give a speech on trigger foods which we talked about, but then I also brought in a few products to show. I brought in Fiber One Bars and also La Tortilla Factory Tortillas. They were excited to see both and asked if I would bring more things in. So, this week I'll gather up a few more items to bring. Overall, I thought it went good. I wish I would've talked a little longer, but I think they were fine with it. One thing that I hope changes is participation. Nobody would really say anything. It is much better when they actually talk and participate. I think when someone new comes in, it is normal for people to feel a little apprehensive. Overall, I would say it was a success.

Second, I didn't exercise last night. My friend who works out with me, worked in her yard all day and was tired so she cancelled on me. I didn't want to go by myself and I know this is an excuse, but I find it a valid one. The hills I was going to walk is a new area in our town. It is just now being developed. It is sort of "woodsy" and not many people are around the area. I find it a little intimidating to do by myself because you just never know. I opted to take a DOR last night. I have worked out everyday so far this week, so I don't find that too awful. One thing I didn't do was spend a little ab time. I must do something daily. I promised myself I would. I'll just need to do something double to make up for yesterday.

Tonight I am going to do my MB. The husband said that Catfish sounded good, so I guess we'll head for fish. I don't normally eat catfish that much, but since my experience last week wasn't all that grand, I figured I might as well try again.

Finally, the Diet Coke Cake...the reason for the title. I've been doing WW for years and have always heard about how awesome Diet Coke Cake is. My friend Dawn says it is great along with many others. (Off topic, but I finally figured out how to name a link...woohoo me!) So, I decided last night I would make it so I could have that with my MB tonight. You can do so many different varieties. I tried Strawberry Cake Mix with 2 cups of Diet 7 up. I then topped it with some light cool whip. I have to admit I tried some last night and it was awesome. LOVE it.
So, the recipe is any cake box mix, plus two cups of any diet soda of your choice. Trust me you can get creative here. Dawn uses Diet Dr. Pepper with Chocolate, so see, you can select anything. I have also heard of Diet Orange Slice in a white cake mix, Diet Sprite with a lemon cake mix, etc. etc.
So, I just went on WW message boards and found this...
Diet Soda Cakes Serving Size : 12 or 24 cup cakes
  • 1 box dry cake mix
  • 2 cups diet soda any flavor
  • 1 or 2 egg whites -- slightly beaten, optional but cake stays together better and is fluffier

Mix the dry cake mix, the diet soda, and the egg white(s) until well blended. Pour into a 9 X 13 sprayed pan or prepared cupcake tins. Cook according to the directions on cake mix box.

NI: Depends on cake mix used.

**I wanted to add...I didn't use the eggs either. I just found that and thought it was interesting you could add that as an alternative.
After reading
Amy and Jen say they didn't use eggs, I remembered I was meaning to say the same thing. In my opinion it was very need for the egg whites.
Exercise for the week
Saturday: 6 mile run, abs
Sunday: Abs
Have a great weekend!


Amuldoon said...

These cupcakes are my latest obsession! Although I don't put any eggs in them, just a cake mix and a can of pop. Works like a charm!

However, I tend to top them with the delicious store bought icing.. so it kind of defeats the health-factor! haha

Have a great weekend Jess... oh, and way to rock your meeting! :)

Jen said...

First of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake!! I usually make it into cupcakes and I totally ADORE IT!!! One of my faves is diet cream soda with rainbow bit cake or (newly) club soda in cherry chip cake (I LOVE cherry chip!)…and I do the same as Amy, sometimes I use store bought icing for a bit more flavor!! LOVE IT!

Glad that your meeting went well! That’s great that you brought in products…I think it’s important for people to see what they CAN have instead of always thinking about what they CAN’T!! I went to a group meeting ONCE, and I was frustrated because the leader asked what people wanted in their lives and when I wanted to respond “to be healthy and active…walk up stairs without wheezing, etc” a whole bunch of things I wanted to be able to do and instead all I heard was “truckloads of chips that wouldn’t make me gain weight” “chocolate for every meal” “pizza that was calorie free”….I was so disappointed in it all because those things aren’t a recipe of success…but to have someone like you up there saying well, if you eat your pizza with a side of veggies you can do it…or something like that…I would love that!!!

ANYWAY!! Enjoy your evening with your hubby, I hope the fish is better this time around!

Christina said...

can't believe I ddin't try these yet...ok I am going to get some cake mix and soda when I do my next groceries. I had no idea you were becoming a leader, that is so great. I am sure you did great and would have loved to be one of your members participating in class :)

Erin said...

That cake sounds yummy, I'm not a weight watchers person, but it sounds like you are doing great. How many points is a slice of that cake?


*ccc* said...

Mmm, I've heard so much of this cake but have yet to make it. I think you may have just pushed me to it :)

And congrats on your first meeting! Hope it keeps going well...and good for you for taking in some good food finds. I know I love love love it when my leader does that :)

mamachristina said...

I love this idea for the cake. I have never heard of it but am also on a weight loss program and this will give me some good options. I love you blog, You seem to have enthusiasm and it shows.