Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have a challenging few days ahead of me.

Fish Fry-Tonight is a company Fish Fry for work. We are treating clients to fried fish, hush puppies, french fries, fried shrimp, etc. Not too mention, we are serving up some awesome cookies from a local bakery for dessert! OH MY! I figure I would take today as a MB (metabolic boost).

Tomorrow night I've been invited to a Margarita/Spa Party. HELLO! I love me some Margaritas! I will need to limit myself because this could turn ugly if I let it. I'm not normally a drinker. Sure I'll indulge occasionally on a glass of wine or a margarita, but for the most part I don't like to use up cals on things like a drink. Just my opinion though. However, tomorrow night I want to have some fun with a few girlfriends, so I thought I would at least partake in one. My friends husband is making them, so maybe I can get him to talor a healthier one just for me. She also plans on having some appetizers. Hopefully she'll select some healthy ones. She is my running partner and we have a long run scheduled for the next morning, so we both can't get too wild and crazy!

Saturday shouldn't be too challenging. I MUST work in my yard. It is a disaster. Weeds are growing like a maniac and I need to get it treated. So, DH and I are going to do some major over haul in the yard on Saturday. I'm also planning a run of 8 miles that day.

Sunday is Easter and my parents are heading out of town, so we won't have a big Sunday lunch. I'll do something easy for DH and I. Then I plan on doing some strengh training. My focus will be arms/chest/back.

For the most part, this is my weekend plans! I have to work tomorrow, so I'll give everyone a run down on how the Fish Fry went!

Happy Thursday!


Jen said...

Sounds like a fun couple of days!!! good for you for taking advantage of the big meal tonight! It will work in your favor in the end!!!

I am envious that you can work in your garden this weekend!! I haven't seen mine since October because of all the snow!

Christina said...

good luck with all your challenges, they seem fun. I can't wait for lost, I was so crying last week too, I felt so bad for sun. have a great weekend and an amazing easter :)