Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All About Me Day 3!-Running!

I am a Runner!

In September 2005 I had just started back to Weight Watchers. I was about 160 lbs and ready to start doing more than just a power walk. I kept hearing all over the weight watcher boards about the C5K program (Coach to 5K). So, I downloaded it and started. First of all, I was NEVER a runner growing up. In fact, I spent most of my childhood as the little chubby girl. I suffered from asthma as a child so I stayed on steriods. Due to the asthma I never ran, because I knew I couldn't do it.

Well, I've since grown out of the asthma, so I thought I'd give the program a try.
I remember the day I ran 3 miles without stopping. WOW, what a day indeed.
Since finishing the programs I have run multiple 5K's, 10K's, and recently a half marathon.
Two weekends ago, I ran with four friends in a Marathon Relay in Arkansas. We had a grand time.

In Several weeks I will run another Half Marathon with a friend of mine (Dawn)
She and I are also running the Nashville, TN Country Music 1/2.
April is going to be a BIG month for us!

I thought I would post a few pictures from some of my races:

The first picture is me with Dawn back in June of 2007. This was by far my favorite 5K. This was Featherfest in Springdale, AR. She had just given birth to her second daughter 10 weeks before the race. She finished without stopping! She was amazing! By far that was the best 5K ever!

This is the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon that I did December 2007. Here I am with one of the Las Vegas show girls. I didn't realize I could've had the picture without her until it was too late. Oh well! I finished in 2:21:00! I trained during August-December and boy was it fun! I am currently training again for two 1/2's in April, so I am going through the training all over. This week in fact is my big 12 miler!

Finally, this is me with four of my friends during the Marathon Relay.
I had leg 2 which was 6.9 miles and I finished in 1:12:00.
From left to right: Dawn, Mary, Jessica, Lorie.

If you have ever had the desire to run, then do it! I always did but I never thought I could. I finally branched out and just started it. I promise you the feeling of crossing that finish line whether it is 1 or 26 miles is worth every second!


Dawn said...

Thank you Jess. I too enjoyed that 5K very much. It was a huge accomplishment for me. Although it was 10 weeks after I had my baby. They don't release you until 6 weeks after so then I had 4 weeks to get ready and that I did!

I so can't wait for the Hogeye!

Your blog is coming along nicely. Good job!

Jen said...

that is so amazing!!!

I have always wanted to run but, obviously, my size kept me from doing anything like I am just waiting for my knees to heal completely and I want to give C25K a try!!!

I like learning this little tidbits!

Krissie said...

I have started C25K several times, to get stuck at week 5. I have decided that I won't start again until I get to 200 lbs. I don't want to fail again, so I'm prepping for it this time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!